What Is a Branded Environment?

Branded environments create a long-lasting impression on your visitors.

It is a collection of perceptions and feelings in the minds of your customers that give value and enable them to make choices. Strong brands know their audience and create memorable experiences in a branded environment.

What is a branded environment? It is a series of touchpoints, such as a website, printed literature, or environmental graphics. In fact, it is any form of communication that reaches your client and communicates your brand identity.

Ideation specializes in bringing your brand identity to the building itself.

Lansing Community College branded environments Ideation Signs & Communication Lansing MI

Hand-painted lettering in the new Robotics lab and throughout Lansing Community College’s new Center for Manufacturing Excellence.

The Benefits of Creating Branded Environments

A branded environment helps promote your services. Corporations spend millions of dollars on advertising every year but many neglect opportunities to build their brand identity closer to home.

Why miss the chance to tell your story and cement your brand identity with the visitors in your lobby? Why not create a branded environment with environmental graphics and wayfinding systems?

A branded environment can also attract and keep employees. In corporations, the employees place value on their workspace. By introducing visuals that communicate your brand, you can inspire the people who work there.

The Process of Environmental Branding

environmental branding branded space environmental graphics design

Branded Environments

Say Something BIG.

Ideation works with businesses in and around Royal Oak, Ann Arbor, Birmingham, Detroit, Ferndale, Lansing, and Troy. We learn your story, and then we retell it to others by creating a branded environment. Through environmental graphics, branding, graphic design, and custom signage we communicate your brand identity. Whether it’s a mural, a donor wall, or a complex wayfinding system, you will see people moved by your new customs signs and environmental graphics.

Do You Have a Story to Tell?

Meet with us and see how branded environments can move clients. 

Who do you want to move?

Ideation creates branded environments in the communities of Royal Oak, Ferndale, Detroit, Birmingham, Lansing, Ann Arbor, and Troy. We seek to move your people quite literally, from one location to another.