Create a Campus Where Students Want to Be

Are you concerned about student enrollment and retention levels?

Schools and institutions offering higher education are competing for students, now more than ever.  There are many forces behind this including rising education costs, overall decreases in enrollment, an increase in for-profit schools and online learning, the growth of skilled trade education, and more.  Educators are discovering that the challenge is more than just recruiting students but keeping them too.

Maximize the impact of your buildings and spaces.

One high impact and often underutilized tactic for creating a campus where students want to be is the design found in its buildings and common spaces.  We all want to be in places that make us feel good, places that are comfortable, places that inspire us, places that help us achieve our goals, places where we feel connected to other human beings, places that we’re proud of.

At Ideation, we help schools create campuses where students want to be with interior design, environmental graphics, and signage.  We help schools maximize the return on their existing assets – their buildings and spaces.

Lansing Community College branded space

“Ideation delivered all of this on point. Their team truly made our spaces connect and they were mindful in delivering timeless design features. Students want to be in the spaces now, they are collaborating and staying on campus. It’s exactly what we had envisioned and hoped for. Additionally, other visitors including legislators, teachers, and community leaders are blown away by our facility and its design.”


– Tonya Causley, Project Coordinator, President’s Office, Lansing Community College 

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environmental branding Ideation Signs Royal Oak MI
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Ready to maximize the impact of your space?

Explore how the design of your buildings and spaces can help you increase student enrollment, learning and retention.