What Is Space Branding?

Spatial branding involves storytelling within a designated space. 

In other words, we take who you are and what motivates you and bring it into your physical space. This can be done using architecture, signs, environmental design, and even murals. The purpose is to provide a sensory experience that shapes the perceptions and feelings of those you wish to engage.

How Storytelling Benefits Institutions of Higher Learning

As students enter your building, we want them to recognize that your space is specialized and designed specifically for them.  We want to inspire them and turn your school into a their “place.”


Ideation delivered all of this on point. Their team truly made our spaces connect and they were mindful in delivering timeless design features. Students want to be in the spaces now, they are collaborating and staying on campus. It’s exactly what we had envisioned and hoped for. Additionally, other visitors including legislators, teachers, and community leaders are blown away by our facility and its design.

– Tonya Causley, Project Coordinator, President’s Office, Lansing Community College 

Lansing Community College Mural spatial branding

Attract Employers and Sponsors

Apart from recruiting students, branded space engages and attracts prospective employers. Show that your school offers comprehensive training and companies will want to interview and hire your graduates. Build an environment that resonates with them.

Do you off vocational training in robotics? Communicate that story throughout your space.

Are your nursing students being trained in new and cutting-edge treatments? Tell hospitals and other health institutions through signs, environmental design, and graphics incorporated into your space.

Universities and Community Colleges spend millions of dollars on advertising every year, but many neglect opportunities to build their brand identity closer to home.

The Process of Spatial Branding

environmental branding branded space environmental graphics design

Spatial Branding

Say Something BIG.

Ideation works with institutions of higher learning across the United States.  We tell your story through architectural elements, graphics, branding, graphic design, and custom signage. Engage prospective students and brand your school’s identity. Whether it’s a mural, a donor wall, or a complex wayfinding system, you will see people moved by your new branded space.

Does Your School Have a Story to Tell?

Meet with us and see how spatial branding can attract students and employers. 

Who do you want to move?

Ideation creates branded environments in the communities of Royal Oak, Ferndale, Detroit, Birmingham, Lansing, Ann Arbor, and Troy. We seek to move your people quite literally, from one location to another.