our focus: branding spaces

Ideation Orange brings together strategic branding, experiential design, and production excellence to help businesses and non-profits maximize the impact of their built environments with signage, experiential graphics, donor recognition displays and wayfinding systems.

how we can help


small to big stories told
inside a space


reimaging the exterior
of a building

Donor Recognition

recognizing the people
who helped


a system to help
people find their way

who do you want to move?

Ideation Orange designs to move people.  The people are your employees, customers, and investors.  We design to change how they feel, to move them toward a goal and sometimes literally move them from one place to another.  Branding spaces can make people happy, proud, productive, inspired, comfortable and more.

meet the team

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ideation gives back

We believe that design can change the world and every year we put our money where our mouth is. Since 2003 we’ve offered our talents to community-based non-profit organizations in the Metro Detroit area and around the world, executing over 50 projects. We are proud that our design abilities have been used to house students in the Pokot region of Kenya, to improve high school graduation rates, and to help people break free from cycles of generational poverty.

our history

Created in 2003, Ideation Orange brought together strategic brand thinking, excellent design and sign production capabilities.

Founder, Daren Bossenberger saw that while there was a lot of design talent in Metro Detroit, it wasn’t being used effectively to help small businesses with branding spaces – whether an office building or retail establishment.

Designers were coming up with great logos, brochures, and websites while sign companies were making signs, but the two disciplines weren’t coming together effectively.

Too often, we’d see companies spending a lot of money on a new brand without considering the role the new brand identity could play inside their space or even how the logo would look as a sign on the outside of their building. Wayfinding signage was seen as a functional need for a building, but not as a branding opportunity.

Ideation Orange exists to help businesses make the most of their environment.

Over the years, this combination of strategic brand thinking, design, and production know-how has proven valuable to more than just small businesses and Ideation Orange has been called upon by corporations, institutions, retailers and creative partners to help plan, design and produce smart signage and environmental graphics design solutions.