cocktail anyone? 

What do you get when you pour graphic designers, artists, interior designers and fabricators into a cocktail shaker and shake it up?

A refreshing glass of Ideation Orange.

what we do

Since 2003, we’ve been helping leaders turn their buildings and spaces into brand experiences that connect with the people that matter most to them. The people are often customers, employees, residents, donors, volunteers, members, etc. In every project, our goal is to create an experience that changes how people think, feel and behave. If we can make someone want to walk through your doors, or make someone excited to work for you, or make a customer excited to give you their loyalty, we’ve won. We often roll up our sleeves with other creative people that may already be on your team – like architects, interior designers and brand consultants.

Our experiences can be driven by brand, culture, history and art, and often include:

  • Exterior and interior signage
  • Facade enhancements
  • Experiential graphics
  • Artwork
  • Wayfinding signage
  • Donor recognition displays
  • Furniture and furnishings


what’s in our name?

Ideation  /īdēˈāSHən/:  The process of generating, developing and communicating new ideas.


Orange  /ôrənj/:  The color of joy and creativity. Its invigorating, fresh and good for you!

meet the team

Dad, Camper, Reader, Napper



Design Lover, Sneaker Addict, Hip-Hop Enthusiast, Lake Paddler


creative director

Design Explorer, Kayaker, Material Enthusiast, Beverage Assessor, Finer-Things Curator



Graphic Designer, Banjo Player, Teacher, Sign Painter



Coach, Musical, Adventurer


business development

College Sports Fan, Many Music Genres, Eames Design, Wannabe Drummer


project management

Mom, Walker, Yoga-lover, Sunday Funday Host

Alison Britton

office manager

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ideation gives back

We believe that design can change the world and every year we put our money where our mouth is. Since 2003 we’ve offered our talents to community-based non-profit organizations in the Metro Detroit area and around the world, executing over 50 projects. We are proud that our design abilities have been used to house students in the Pokot region of Kenya, to improve high school graduation rates, and to help people break free from cycles of generational poverty.

what’s at our core? 

While we’re always refining our business model to betters serve our customers, a few things will always remain the same: our values.

    1. Listen. Ask questions until you’re in their shoes. Then solve.
    2. Pioneer. Create uniquely better solutions.
    3. Sweat the Details. Anticipate, identify and manage the risks.
    4. Well-ordered. Operate with methods and ways over madness.
    5. Respect.  Treat everyone like the very important person they are.