ISCG: Workplace Inspired

exterior signage by Ideation Signs & Communication

ISCG is an interior design firm that creates inspired workplaces for their clients. They recently transformed a 12,000 square foot building into their new showplace and headquarters. Their challenge to us? To integrate their newly developed logo and information graphics into a variety of environments from exterior signage to interior spaces – all with unique feelings.


We started with the exterior signage. The long L-shaped facade had more to say than just “ISCG,” so we added their slogan “Workplace Inspired.” This helped tell their story on the outside, acting like a headline for the bold interior displays visible through the windows. This also increased signage exposure from more viewing angles. Bright accent colors on exterior walls brought an additional dimension to their facade.


Stepping inside, ISCG’s clean & contemporary lobby called for a totally different design at a more human scale. This elegant, monochromatic solution adds interest and texture through shadow interplay and subtle differences in finishes.


Finally, their meeting/conference room’s colorful furnishings and angled wall required a more playful response. Colorful graphics translate their functional “How We Work” chart into “wall art,” scaled to fit the intimate size of this room.

“Our space conveys our creativity and personality to our clients, and signage is an important element of this message. The Ideation team clearly understood our approach of blending functionality and art with the workplace” Mary Ann Lievois, CEO, ISCG.

Photography by Gene Meadows


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