Lineage Logistics

Goal: Improve recruitment, increase employee pride & performance
Scope: Interior of North American Headquarters
Timeframe: 18 months
Square Feet: 56,000 sq. ft.

Lineage Logistics had recently completed construction on its North American Headquarters and was now looking to express its brand, tell its story and express the company’s personality in a way that would help attract and retain a high performing team.

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Lineage 16 copy
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"Creativity is at the heart of Ideation Orange. They impressed us with their ability to think outside the box and propose strategies that were not just visually striking but also strategic. Each design element they crafted reflected our brand identity while pushing boundaries. Working with Ideation Orange was a breeze. Their team members are not only skilled professionals but also passionate collaborators who are genuinely dedicated to their clients' success. Clear and efficient communication ensured deadlines were met without sacrificing quality.Ideation Orange isn't just a creative agency; they're a strategic partner in elevating your brand. Their blend of creativity, expertise, and commitment makes them an excellent choice for businesses seeking innovative marketing solutions. I wholeheartedly recommend Ideation Orange to anyone looking to make a memorable impact in their industry."

Jennifer Walsh – Lineage Logistics

Along The Way

Don’t let your space be common.

Create an environment that you and your people will be proud of.

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