Strategic Energy Solutions, Exterior

Goal: To create a space that employees wanted to work in
Scope: Building exterior
Timeframe: 5 months
Collaborators: Jessie Kassel (Local Detroit Muralist)

Strategic Energy Solutions was looking for ways to use exterior art to make their Berkley Michigan Headquarters a more attractive place for employees to spend time. SES also wanted to give back to the community they’ve called home for over 20 years. Ideation Orange developed a concept centered around industry and the Great Lakes which paired well with the business offering of SES. Once the theme was established, we researched various local muralists to bring the idea to life. Jesse Kassel brought the right combination of style and experience to the project, and through collaboration with him and the City of Berkley’s Art Commission the mural was installed in November of 2020. The art has become a conversation piece among employees, as well as neighbors. One in particular who wrote a letter thanking the owner for bringing the art to the community.

Don’t let your space be common.

Create an environment that you and your people will be proud of.

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