The Roy

Goal: Increase the appeal of the property and maximize occupancy.
Scope: Wayfinding signage for boutique-style, multi-family, loft development.
Time Frame: 4 months
Collaborators: RSM Interiors

The developer of The Roy came to us for help with interior wayfinding signs that would guide potential tenants though their space while elevating the overall appeal of the property. Ideation Orange collaborated with their designer – RSM Interiors – to ensure that our signage complemented the artwork and color schemes. We also came up with some unique ways to highlight the special amenities of the space that made this property even more desirable. From an on-site dog wash, to bike storage and various entry ways, we used bold colors and graphics to make these places stand out – and to help make The Roy a standout in loft-living.
WHR - Hallway Directional_Detail
WHR - Hallway Apt Number
WHR - Hallway Number
WH - Bike Storeage

Don’t let your space be common.

Create an environment that you and your people will be proud of.

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