Cacao Tree: Getting More Storefront Attention

cacao tree cafe storefront

Michael Garavaglia and the team at Ideation Orange recently helped Cacao Tree Café get more storefront attention in busy Downtown Royal Oak

Our friends at Cacao Tree Café called us to help tell their story on the exterior of their café. They serve up gourmet raw foods that cleanse, detox and rejuvenate. They make you beautiful from the inside out. Our objective became to make them beautiful from the “outside in.” 

cacao tree 21


cacao tree 22


cacao tree 23

Cacao Tree Café occupies a wedge-shaped storefront in a walkable downtown setting. With just a sliver of its primary façade facing the street, it was easy to miss. A combination of projecting blade signs, façade lettering and window graphics was developed to maximize impact within the city’s sign ordinance and the client’s budget. In the process, ideation refined Cacao Tree Café’s logo, color palette and typography.

cacao tree 24

Large windows on the West elevation were used to capture the eyes of both vehicles and pedestrians heading East on busy Fourth Street. Fresh green and warm gold colors were used to stand out against the glass, a solution that delivers big impact at a low cost.

cacao tree 25

Simple, projecting blade signs were used at the corners of the building to catch the eyes of hungry pedestrians. 

cacao tree 26
The ideation team incorporated a traditional Mayan illustration as a large window display graphic, accenting the client’s love of the Cacao Tree and it’s Central American roots. 

cacao tree 27

Next time you’re in Royal Oak, stop in and rejuvenate with raw hand-made chocolates, super-food smoothies and elixirs, organic soups, salads and sandwiches! You can also see how business signage defines a business.


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