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Ambient Learning: Environments that Educate

Can your building play a role in the education of those who walk through its doors? We believe so – it’s called ambient learning. Progressive educators recognize that the learning process should not be limited to the classroom and the exchange between teachers and students. In fact, according to a 2013 Gallup State of America’s […]

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What Not To Say In Your Reception Area

I have a confession to make. While over the years we’ve brought hundreds of company names to reception area walls in some very creative ways, I don’t think its the most important thing to say to the people that walk through your front doors. There, I said it. Allow me to explain… Your building and

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The Power of Paint: More Bang for Your $

At Ideation Orange we love to help our clients get more bang for their buck. One way we do this is with what we call the Power of Paint. Our clients often call on us to help them re-imagine the exterior of their buildings. It could be a dentist that acquired an older practice. It

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Graphic Solutions for Glass Wall Concerns

Glass is being used extensively in today’s modern offices. Glass seems to be the wall of choice for conference rooms, huddle rooms and private offices.  It’s popularity is understandable – it’s beautiful, lets in more natural light, promotes a feeling of transparency and openness. And yet those are some of the very same reason why

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What First Impression Is Your Facility Making?

Your guests form an impression of your business within seconds of walking through your door.  Every impression they had up until that point – from your salespeople, your website, referral sources, is pushed to the background while they experience something tangible about you.  What experience are you giving on the threshold of your business?  What

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logicalis digital displays

Logicalis: Making Walls Talk

Logicalis, a global technology firm contacted us to help tell their story in their office environment.  Other goals included: Energizing the space and making it feel like Logicalis. Tastefully integrating digital displays that would help tell the story. Bringing more privacy to glass walls of conference rooms and offices.   Stories of successful partnerships told with dimensional letters,

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exterior signage by Ideation Signs & Communication

ISCG: Workplace Inspired

ISCG is an interior design firm that creates inspired workplaces for their clients. They recently transformed a 12,000 square foot building into their new showplace and headquarters. Their challenge to us? To integrate their newly developed logo and information graphics into a variety of environments from exterior signage to interior spaces – all with unique feelings.

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vehicle graphics

Xpert: Race Cars ‘n More

Meet the latest expression of the Xpert Technologies brand. Their company president stopped in recently with a vision of acquiring a small fleet of vehicles that would transport team members to client sites for support. His request? To make them look fast with vehicle graphics like they’re on a mission, and noticeable.   The Process

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